Introducing Fay & Eberly

This is a bit of a unique post for me – no flowers, no beautiful gowns, no “i do’s” – but yet I couldn’t be more excited to branch out a little to share something very special to me!

I want to introduce Fay & Eberly to the scene. I had the pleasure of shooting some head shots and portraits for them and not only did I want to share some of the photos, but I wanted to brag a little about Jennifer and Brad’s new business.

These two are talented, smart, compassionate lawyers in the business of Estate and Medicaid Planning Services. They serve families throughout Worcester, Hampden and Middlesex Counties in Massachusetts.

I’m excited for them as their business continues to flourish and am grateful for the work they have already done for my family. If you or your loved ones are looking for estate or medicaid planning services, I can’t recommend them enough.

Fay & Eberly will be offering a free seminar this month – I encourage you to spread the word and sign up to attend this educational event.

The details:

You can reserve your seat by calling (508)556-0529.

Jennifer and Brad – congratulations on your success and for what is yet to come! Thank you for including me in this exciting time!






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