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Get Your Boudoir Booty is right around the corner! We have been getting some great questions about our upcoming event – especially the boudoir shoot portion! Missed that announcement? No worries – visit here for all the details!

As a boudoir photographer, I have worked with dozens and dozens of gorgeous women who all want the same things – to look and feel their absolute best. It is my job as your photographer to help style, pose and prepare you for your shoot – to make sure you are ready to step in front of the camera and love every second!

I’ve compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) about boudoir shoots:

Q #1 – I have no idea what to wear! What do I do?

A #1 – There is no wrong way to do boudoir! Whatever you are comfortable in works perfectly! I recommend a variety of outfits – ranging from sweet to sexy! It doesn’t have to be lingerie to be glam – it can be a t-shirt and boy shorts, a leather jacket, a sports jersey and ball cap – redefine what you think as boudoir and think about what you (or your partner) would love to see you in! For lingerie – bra & panty sets, baby dolls, or chemises all work beautifully! It’s fun to choose some different looks  – and yes, I would love to help you choose! Email me ideas, links, Pinterest boards! I am happy to help!

Q #2 – Posing absolutely terrifies me – I have no idea what to do! Help!

A #2 – Don’t worry! That is what we are here for! We will help you pose to look your absolute best! For this event we will have “stations” set up for various looks and lighting and we will make sure you are posed in the most flattering ways! That is what I do as a photographer – I want you to capture you in all your gorgeous, glam glory! I have experience working with women of all age and body types – let me help you look your best!

Q #3 – Do you edit the photos?

A #3 – Yes, I do! I make sure the lighting is perfect –  smooth, define, highlight, etc. as needed – just as I do for all my wedding and portrait clients. My job is to help you look your best and the finished product will show that! I make sure the photos are their absolute most perfect – I’ve got you covered!

Q #4, #5, #6…..etc.

We have received more questions and have lots of answers to share – if you sign up for our event you will receive the complete “how to” guide to prepare you for your big shoot! To sign up, email me: janna at jannaalisonphotography dot com.

Registration closes Dec 26th! Don’t wait! Get your boudoir booty!

We can’t wait!!



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