Children’s Portrait Photographer |Eleanor is One|

Eleanor is one!! Can you believe it?

I can’t!! It seems like yesterday when this little peanut was born! I have to say, she enjoyed tutu time a LOT more this time around than when she was just a few days old! And yes, there is a very good chance I had custom tutus made just for her (you can get the tutus, and the beautiful headband she wears, here!!) . That’s what happens when you are an honorary auntie!

It’s pretty special when you get to watch a little one grow up, and even more special when you get to be a part of his or her life. And not being blood related, it’s a choice thing – the family chooses you, you choose them and it’s like you get this whole new perspective and learn this whole new kind of love. It’s the best. I just love Eleanor and her whole family, just, katrillions.


I was bummed to miss Eleanor’s first birthday party – originally I had shoots planned and then (ugh) I ended up with the flu – but I was so excited that just a week later I got to spend some time crawling around the backyard and playing with her.

Eleanor, little peanut. Auntie loves you so much! I’m so happy to be a part of your life! I can’t wait to keep capturing your moments <3

xoxo Janna

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