|Niki + Pat| Watch Hill Engagement Session

This blog post and these photos just warm my soul. I am a beach girl. I love the ocean. I live for that smell, the sounds, the whole experience. It’s just my favorite place to be.

So when Niki and Patrick and I started chatting about their engagement session I was so excited when they told me they wanted to shoot at a place very special to them – Watch Hill in Westerly Rhode Island. I had never been to this gorgeous little coastal town before, but their family has a house there – just moments from the beach.

It was a beautiful May day, more summer than spring, when we headed out to Watch Hill to meet up with Niki and Pat. Niki and I went to graduate school together and were in the same study group – which means we spent the better part of two years together – in class, in study sessions, via email and anytime we could squeeze in a drink or gossip session with our team. I love this girl and did a family session for her family a few years back (also on the beach!) so I couldn’t have been more excited for this session.

Niki + Pat, it was a perfect day and I am so excited to share these photos. I cannot wait for your wedding next summer – it is going to be such a blast and I promise to come ready for some crazy photos idea (Pat!)

xoxo Janna

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