Wrap-Up |Just a little Sunday post…|

I just wanted to share about my weekend because it was AMAZING. I love the fall and this weather made me so happy – it’s amazing what 50-60 degree weather does for a wedding photographer, especially one who thrives in everything cool/crisp/snowy/etc. Ah. So. Beautiful.

Friday night I headed home to my parents’ in the Berkshires (see #1 on this list) and had dinner with my parents and my younger brother chase (see #4 on this list). Amazing food, wine and company. It was so great to catch up with my mom and just hang out.

It was just a super relaxing night and I wish I could have them more often.

Fast forward to Saturday and I shot an ah-mazing wedding. It was a gorgeous couple in a gorgeous setting on a gorgeous day. And I posted some sneaks up on my Facebook – so pop on over there to check them out, it’ll be a bit before their blog post is live over here! Liz and Nate, all I can say is THANK YOU! <3

After the amazing wedding I stopped by a little mom-and-pop ice cream stand for a sweet treat for my ride home. And I came home to the #bestboyfriendever and our little furry jungle.

Today we did some pretty exciting errands and then had lunch at our new favorite restaurant, Rail Trail. Good beer, good food, and so relaxing. We took a long walk with Pais tonight and found an amazing trail right behind our house.

It was a wonderful weekend (big contented sigh).

Happy Sunday!
xoxo Janna


Rail Trail beer – the #bestboyfriendever had a double IPA, I had something pumpkin (can’t remember who made it?? Oops) – it was delicious!


My mom is an amazing baker – these are Gluten Free sugar cookies with royal icing – pumpkin shaped but not pumpkin flavored. They are amazing! Cookie recipe from Living Without


Selfies from the chairlift ride both up and down to take formal portraits at the top of the mountain! I love my job!! So much fun and so gorgeous!



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