Vineyard Wedding |Erin + Mat|

I have two kinds of brides. The brides that I meet and work with who in turn become friends, and those who I am friends with that in turn become clients. I love both kinds. And I am so lucky to have a lovely mix of both this 2013 wedding season!

Erin and I met at a Young Professional Society ¬†social event a couple years ago. We met a bit by chance – she actually ran into my brother first who then introduced me to her. We became good friends quickly and it was one of those instantly “click” friendships, that as adults can be hard to find.

I was touched to be asked to photograph her engagement session in the very place where Mat asked her to marry him. We had a blast – they are just such a fun couple! I already loved Erin, but met Mat for the first time and loved him too! I mean, if you know these two, you can’t help but love them.

Fast forward to this May and I kicked off my ’13 wedding season in the Fingerlakes in New York – somewhere I have never been and an absolutely gorgeous location at that! We made a long weekend trip of it and took a few extra days to see the sites *cough visit vineyards cough*…It was a fantastic weekend and an absolutely amazing wedding.

The day before their wedding was windy and rainy and absolutely freezing. Ask me how I know? I only brought flip-flops (except for my wedding-shooting-shoes!) and um, brrrr!! Let’s just say, we got the bad weather out of the way and had a crisp, cool, stunning spring day. The overcast sky allowed for incredible photos – the vibrancy of the surroundings and vineyard was just amazing.

The two got married at a lovely church in Waterloo, followed by a reception at The Ginny Lee Restaurant at Wagner Vineyards.

Cork decorations, bridal party photos in the barrel room and a sunset-lit room that made my photographer-heart sing!

It was the perfect day and I’m so excited to share it with you. Erin + Mat – thank you for including me in your amazing day! I love you both!

xoxo Janna




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